Update: Here We Go Again

I’ve been lazing off – it’s been a week since I’ve written or drawn anything regarding my “daily” series. It’ll be back though.

Since I’ve been losing a little bit of sleep while I was doing my Implayed and Daily Picture series, I’ve decided to take Saturdays off. No link to Jewish holidays, just that Saturday’s my lazy day (usually).

I suppose that will also free me up to play something I want to play, which I guess is a good idea, considering the fact that I only really play what’s next on the list. It can get tedious, not all of these things are my cups of tea, nor are they particularly good, but I have to give them a chance. The creators invested a lot of time and sweat (and coffee) into these things, it would be only fair for me to at least try them out.

That's Prince Charming talking to Mowgli who is tracking down the Big Bad Wolf through Romania.

That’s Prince Charming talking to Mowgli who is tracking down the Big Bad Wolf through Romania.

Also, I’ve gone through the first 133 issues of the “Fables” comics. Someone said it’s like “Once upon a time”. “Fables” precedes that series. Basically the characters of our childhood stories are exiled from their homelands into modern day New York, where they live in an isolated community hidden from the normal people (called mundanes). It’s gritty, it’s very well made as well as full of intrigue and tragedy, and it’s extremely intelligently woven together. I recommend it. Note that the recent “The Wolf Among Us” game from Telltale is based on the comics (it’s in-universe, but non-canon).

I’ll be reviewing Avernum – Escape From the Pit soon. As in, I’ll start writing it right now.

I also need to finish drawing the castle. It irks me.


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