Implayed (Episode 29): Back To The Future: Ep 2 – Get Tannen


As I said last review, this is going to be the second episode in the 5-episode series of Back To The Future Telltale. I can’t really go in-depth with gameplay in this case – it’s the same thing as the last one. I will however go into a few story spoilers about the last episode to set the scene for this one.

You have been warned.


The game series is set six months after the film trilogy, during which the alleged disappearance of Doc Brown makes the banks come in to sell all of his stuff. Marty manages to save his journal where he kept his time machine notes, at which point the DeLorean appears outside with Einstein and a shoe in it. The shoe belongs to an old cat lady with a complete collection of newspapers, in which he finds out that the doc is set to die at some point due to a mob hit sometime in 1931 because he was accused of burning a speakeasy down.

I see where this is going.

I see where this is going.

Marty goes back in time, finds Doc in jail the day before he is set to die and employs the help of young Doc Brown to break his older self out. During the fact, Marty meets with Biff’s father, a career mobster, Kid Tannen, pisses him off, but also defaces the fact that the old speakeasy has been moved to a new soup dealing place. In addition, in order to provide young Emmett Brown with the alcohol fuel he needs to power his power drill, Marty has to convince Edna Strickland, the now young and captivated journalist he met as the cat lady before he jumped back, to move the booze unknowingly from the new speakeasy to Doc Brown’s estate.

During this fact, Emmett insists that Marty deliver a subpoena that has his grandfather, Arthur McFly, Kid Tannen’s accountant, testify against his boss.

After Marty uses Emmett’s invention to break out an empty prison and has a daring rocket bicycle ride in order to break the Doc out of a prisoner van driven by Kid Tannen, he finds himself fading out of existence as the newspaper shows that the news for the next day says that his grandfather will have been found beaten and left for dead on the steps of the courthouse.

Great Scott that’s complicated. Of course, it’s not as complicated if you go through the game, but hey, making it bite-sized is certainly odd.


Law enforcement can go around the 4th dimension.

Law enforcement can go around the 4th dimension.

I don’t think there’s much else to say. I think I’ll go through the plot of previous episodes as we go, as the gameplay really doesn’t change from episode to episode. The puzzles, voice-acting, visual style and everything else are all consistent within the series.

You can see just the story of Episode 1 here:

Or if you want to see the story of Episode 2, go here:

The entire series is out on Steam at 25 Euros (that includes all 5 episodes). It’s charming and as Back to the Future as it can be.

Here’s the Implayed of episode 3.


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