Not dead, just on stand-by


UPDATE: I went through all the bundles for any stragglers. I’m now up to 434 games. This is crazy.

I suppose I could say I’ve been quite busy with exams and such, but Implayed did burn me out a tad. Playing games pretty much every day after not having done so for a while is a bit jarring to say the least (not to mention all the time spent doing it). I’ll get back into Implayed and the (almost) Daily Picture soon enough.

As you can see from the picture, my Steam account hasn’t been idle during my blog absence. It keeps swelling and swelling with more and more games. There’s a weird side to this, actually. I’ve reviewed 29 games during my blog stint late last year. I’ve added almost 140. Since the last game I’ve reviewed. If I keep it up this way, getting more and more games in Humble Bundles almost every week, I’ll never actually get to the end.

I guess I should be happy about this, but I don’t actually know how to feel about it.


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