Implayed (Episode 30): Back To The Future: Ep 3 – Citizen Brown


As I said last review (a long time ago), this is going to be the third in the 5-episode series of Telltale’s Back To The Future. Again, I won’t go in-depth with gameplay as it is the same thing as the last one. I will however go into a few story spoilers about the last episode to set the scene for this one. You have been warned.


It’s been quite a long time since I’ve played Episode 2, but I do remember that it was set during the prohibition era, and Tannen’s father ran a speakeasy. Of course, you’d have to save Doc again (as Marty does), but I don’t really remember the details. What I do know is that at the end you would get the young doc to get himself some young Edna booty, which shoves us rather effectively into episode 3!


Marty is a man on a mission.

Marty is a man on a mission.

Episode 3 places you firmly back into 1985, the place where Marty was originally from, but it feels quite a bit different. The game seems to take a few pages from the book named after the previous year, as well as being a rather similar concept to the world of Demolition Man, only with a more overt “underground”. As you would expect, there’s copious amounts of rules , CCTVs everywhere, voiceboxes giving you demerits for every normal action you can think of, and the expectation of actually breaking all those rules to reach the most important person in town in a timely manner. That person, of course, is Doc Brown, but he’s been indoctrinated by Edna and her ways, so your mentor and main helper is now like some sort of overbearing Big Brother figure. And I mean the bad kind. It fits the Back to the Future theme to a T, but it does feel quite a bit different due to the theme. There’s brainwashing involved, for instance, and social engineering. It’s obviously exaggerated, but it does remind a bit of the current world situation.

This doesn't feel like 1985. More like 1984.

This doesn’t feel like 1985. More like 1984.

I’ve never been much of an adventure game player, but this is the Telltale variety of adventure game. They don’t make these as illogical or annoyingly hard to figure out. There’s even a complete hint and goal system in the game to just help you along to the next step. As a result, it’s rather rare that you’ll ever get stuck. There isn’t really much else to say about it that I haven’t already said about the past two episodes. It’s authentic and is good fan-service for people who wanted more Back to the Future. Might as well play the other episodes if you got this far.

Here’s the Implayed of episode 4.


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