Implayed (Episode 31): Back To The Future: Ep 4 – Double Visions


As I said last review, this is going to be the fourth in the 5-episode series of Telltale’s Back To The Future. Again, I won’t go in-depth with gameplay as it is the exact same thing as the last one. I will however go into a few story spoilers about the last episode to set the scene for this one. You have been warned.


I haven’t actually finished episode 3 (unlike 4), but I did get most of the way through, and I read up on the ending online. Marty does enough offences in the new timeline’s 1985 to get himself an audience with Citizen Brown himself, whom he convinces about the negative impact Edna had on his life. Because of this, this timeline’s Doc listens to Marty and decides to fix the time machine which Marty totaled in the last episode, but the pair gets caught by Edna and they have to go through the Citizen Plus program in order to get brainwashed.


Well there's your problem!

Well there’s your problem!

This episode starts out in the Orwellian 1985 timeline, but it doesn’t sit there for long. You break out of the facility alongside Doc and traipse out back to 1931 to break young him and Edna before they decide to be together forever. For this reason, we get to meet a few characters from the other episodes, which is a nice touch. There is however a problem that I’ve noticed with this episode – there’s a hell of a lot of busywork expected of you to do.

The puzzles aren’t exactly difficult, though they are somewhat inspired by Back to the Future, but they’re mostly just annoying because they take a long time to do. In one instance, you have to use certain objects in order for Doc to feel differently. After that you need to press a button. Every one of these actions takes you through a short animation. A short yet unskippable animation. You need to go through this sequence of actions five times every time you want to do this entire puzzle. Unless you follow an FAQ, you’ll probably go through this multiple times, or you might mess it up, then you have to do it all over again.

It feels an awful lot like padding and, again, busywork.

Well this certainly brings me back.

This certainly brings me back.

On the other hand, you do get an alright twist, and a nice setup for the finale of the series which we’ll get into – next time, on Implayed. Finally.

Now, it’s not that I don’t like the games, they’re rather nice, and I like Back to the Future. But it’s about time I got to cover something else on here.

Here’s the Implayed of episode 5.


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