Update: Steam List


Since my Implayed list was way out of date, I decided to dedicate a while to update it. I’ve actually doubled my steam library in the last year and a half. It’s something, considering that I’ve had a Steam account for seven years now. I blame Humble Bundle.

Another thing is that today is Sunday. I don’t care much for holidays, but I did learn something from the month of day by day postings I have done back in October of 2013 – I got extremely burned out extremely quickly. It did feel good to put out content in a rapid fire sort of way like that, but adding the fact that I was (and am) working full-time to the fact that getting that picture done at the end of the day took me to the early hours of morning meant that I was over-revved for most of the time during that month.

I remember the last time I’ve felt that way – back when I was working long hours back in 2009-2010 over at Ubisoft. I enjoyed it, I did what I really liked, but the feeling of being burned out came up rather quickly and didn’t wear off for quite a while.

For that reason, I’m adopting a 3-day schedule, rotating like this:

Monday: “Daily” Picture episode

Tuesday: VR Research and Development episode

Wednesday: Implayed episode again

Thursday: “Daily” Picture episode

Friday: Implayed episode

Saturday: VR Research and Development episode

Sunday: Day off

This way, I should get myself scheduled to do stuff in a timely and orderly manner, and hopefully keep it up for quite a while longer than last time (if not for a very long time).


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