Implayed (Episode 32): Back To The Future: Ep 5 – OUTTATIME


Here’s the Implayed of episode 1. 

As I said last review, this is going to be the fifth and last in the 5-episode series of Telltale’s Back To The Future. Again, I won’t go in-depth with gameplay as it is the exact same thing as the last one. I will however go into a few story spoilers about the last episode to set the scene for this one. You have been warned.


The ending of episode 4 saw us in a little row with the alternate timeline doc, who seems to have changed his mind about Edna and her plight. We’ve made Edna break up with young Emmett by messing with their relationship though, so Edna’s not particularly happy about that. Emmett has a flash of insight when he’s contemplating his failed relationship next to the clock tower and becomes his old self, obsessed with science and solutions to his old rocket car conundrum. That’s where we leave off for episode 5.


We find ourselves in 1931 again, as Marty wakes up after having slept in, understandably after not having slept after 4 long episodes (save for a few unconscious episodes). Young Emmett has his new project nearly done, and ready for the science expo, though he still requires you to bring him a crucial part. We take it and take off, on our trusty skateboard, all the way to the highschool, the site of the expo, but bump into old Doc.

Ah, yes, the Chronometric Clock. It measures time twice.

Ah, yes, the Chronometric Clock. It measures time twice.

Doc seems fine at first, but, *gasp* he blames you for everything, explaining that all the bad in his life came from him taking up his life of science. He tries to take the crucial part away from you, but the part flies away. Of course it does. So you have to chase it around a little bit until you catch it again, at which point you crash into the expo.

The expo exposes you to a bit more busy work, as Edna has the police enclose Emmett’s invention. You have to dig up some dirt on Edna, and for that you have to play around with the sciencey and futurey things around the expo as hilarity ensues. There’s actually some clever puzzles around here, followed by an extremely dull labyrinth section, which wasn’t difficult – it felt like padding.

From there on, it does pick up – you get a nice climax to the story, as well as an entertaining cliffhanger ending featuring a lot of Michael J. Fox cameos, but there’s a problem with adventure games like this and the climax part of the story. Due to the game not being timed in any way, unlike the newer Telltale adventure game titles, you can be left wondering what to do next in the climax part of the story. That feels very off. It’s like getting extremely close to an orgasm and stopping flat wondering what to do next. It’s not because you don’t know how to thrust anymore, but because the hole changed positions, so you have to find it before you continue your thing. It’s weird and kinda takes you out of the moment.

The moment does feel like Back to the Future, but the game series’ age and budget shows itself clearly here. It’s not the most detailed series, despite the small things that harken back to the movie series. The characters’ stylized look makes for a good likeness and fits the rest of the visuals. The voice acting is top notch for pretty much the entire cast, with Doc reprising his role throughout the entire series and Michael J. Fox coming up for a few cameos in this episode. Marty’s voice was done by an extremely good impersonator.

Hoverboard cameo

Hoverboard cameo

All in all, if you loved Back to the Future, you’re probably going to enjoy this series as well. It’s about 4 years old at this point, but it still holds up, more or less, mostly due to the great voice acting and stylized look. The controls could use a bit more polish, and I did run into a couple of bugs, one of which had me restart the game back in episode 2 I think it was. The other one was minor – Officer Parker would talk to me about an item even though he wasn’t there anymore.

It feels rather fitting to talk about this series of games now, in 2015. It’s the time when the pair comes to the future, where there’s self-tying shoes and hoverboards! Speaking of self-tying shoes, we’ll actually have that. Apparently we’ll have hoverboards too, but they aren’t what I think of when I think of the movie hoverboard. They’re heavy as hell and only work on copper. They’re also really noisy.

I guess it’s finally time to put the series to rest (unless they’ll think of bringing it back sometime).


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