VR Research and Game Development (Update 2): Java fresh in my mind

I was planning to write about Unity and my efforts of getting an equirectangular projection today, but I had to actually make a game in Greenfoot for graduating the Oracle Java Fundamentals course I attended. At first I made a TicTacToe game, which works; it turns out it was a bit uninspired as someone else made the same game in our group. If you wanna play it, you can do so here (click the picture):


Do note that it requires Java. For some reason it’s 2 megs. I guess I’ve done something wrong somewhere.

The deadline was for tomorrow, and I still hadn’t made it. I’ve also forgotten I had to do it until I got a reminder today. As such, since I had some time when I finished work, I opened up Greenfoot and got the game done in a couple of hours. Considering I haven’t made a game myself in close to 12 years now, I’d say it was a great success. I’ve also hastily made the in-game sprites by hand.

Don’t expect any animation or anything beyond a simple explosion frame when you hit a helicopter with a rocket.

Speaking of helicopters and rockets, the game is called Sam Site, because you control a SAM site and shoot down helicopters that come at random intervals from the left side of the screen. Just run the .jar file and click Run, then click where you want to shoot. There is no score or levels or anything special like that, but hey, I whipped it up in less than 2 hours.

By the way, the game’s inspired by Night Raid, a game released back in 1992. Ahh, that brings me back.

If you want to play Sam Site, click on the picture below:



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