VR Research and Game Development (Update 4): Nothing really to see here

I’m trying to remake the shooter java game I made in Unity. Problem is, I’m totally unaware of how to make a game in Unity. As such, as with any software that people say it’s very good for something, I tried it, and I found that it is very good at that thing (in this case game development). But I have no idea how to use it. It’s not obtuse to me, just unfamiliar. As such, it might take a while until I can do even simplistic things in it, and it will involve watching a lot of tutorials.

Here’s a screencap:

Die red arrow, die!

Die red arrow, die!

You might be thinking that it’s working. No, it’s not. I tried to figure it out by myself, and failed pretty spectacularly, mainly because I tried doing the same thing as I did with Photoshop – play around and click buttons until I figure it out. That approach worked when I had the bountiful time of youth, as well as the patience, but those are gone nowadays. Besides, a game tends to be a bit more complex than an image, even with a ton of layers.

It’s like building a Death Ray from IKEA without the manual. In the best case scenario, it doesn’t work, and in the worst case scenario it kills you.

Join me next time as I will have watched videos and tutorials and actually tried to do something which works.


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