Pixel2017 – Episode 1 – Toaster

Welcome to 2017! I hope you’ve had a nice 2016, despite all the things people like to complain about. Today, on a whim, I looked at the clock and saw that it was still the first of January so I said hey, let’s do a thing!

This resulted in this here tweet:

Well, I said it, so now let’s get to it! Here’s the first entry:


Might as well put all the money I’ve spent for PyxelEdit and GraphicsGale to good use.

As general ground rules I am putting forward for myself (and anyone who might want to participate):

  1. Use a 64×64 image size. Anything smaller than that is fair game.
  2. Upload one every day. If you miss a day, you can make up for it by making two the next day.
  3. It can be whatever you like, whether you want to follow a concept or a prompt (like @Pixel_Dailies)! You can even do animation. I know I’ll try.

Please note: I am not experienced at pixel art (or art in general). Any critique is very welcome. I’m doing this to get better at something this year (hopefully).

When I checked @pixel_dailies today, I noticed that the theme for the day was Toast. I did the piece before I checked the page.

I think I might have superpowers.

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