Pixel2017 – Episode 2 – Sunset

The prompt for today from Pixel_dailies was Rockpool, so I did a couple of small sketches on my notepad:


I went with the idea on the right, and got to work. Unfortunately 64×64 is a terribly small size, so I just got rid of the rockpool idea entirely and went for the sunset sun over the sea.

This was the result:


I am pretty happy with it, but when I kept seeing the image open for most of the day, I thought I could do something more, so I animated it:


I realized after I was kinda done with it that the water towards the sun should move less because it’s farther away, but it was already too late to do anything about it. My friend Paw noticed that the sun looks a lot like an eye, so I got an idea:


Now you can sleep well tonight.

EDIT: I’ve also added another version:



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