Pixel2017 – Episode 11 – Drawbridge

I haven’t been this tired in a long time now. Spent about 3 hours struggling with the snow, whether that was trudging through it to get to work, or shoveling it out of the workplace’s yard. My back is pain incarnate, but I pixelled for the day! I’m not quite happy with the colours in this one, especially for the terrain, but I need to lie down.

draw bridgebig.gif

It’s a hyperactive little castle drawing and dropping its drawbridge. The theme for the day was “bridge”, and I thought that was appropriate enough (because drawing actual bridges in a square canvas doesn’t work that well).

I actually rushed through this one quite a bit, since I really really want to sleep.


Last night I was fooling around the /r/diablo Discord channel, and with Xiphirx, this was created:


Most of the work was done by Xiphirx, since he did the wonderful shading. I just did the outline and the animation.


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