Pixel2017 – Episode 18 – HiveJump

Today’s topic was also a contest – making a pixel art themed “HiveJump”, which is also the name of a game that came out today where you kill lots of aliens in a sidescrolling pixel-arty co-op shooter. The winner gets the game, as well as a random entry.

I actually took lots of in-progress pics this time, so here we go:

Sketched out the general idea, as well as the background.


Added the gunfire.


Added more detail to the character, as well as falling debris from the ceiling. You can also notice that I’ve been playing around with the frame-rate.


Added a bit more pizzazz to the gunfire via a transparent circle on the muzzle flash, a shadow circle underneath the character with varying transparencies depending on whether or not the frame coincides with the gun firing or not, and mostly finalized the shape of the character.


At this point I made a pretty big modification. It’s a cave, so why not make it dark? (It would also save time on having to properly animate the alien, right?) It also gives a more gloomy feeling to the piece, making the alien just be slightly out of sight, sort of like in Alien.


Added some detail by adding the shadow spinning around the dude depending on the angle of the weapon firing, as well as highlights on the stalactites and stalagmites. Technically the ones in the back should be brighter pretty much all-around, not just on the edges, but it looks fine if you think that it’s quite a ways away.


Final product. Decided to slow the frame-rate down a bit more to make the action more readable and to give you time to see the details.




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