Pixel2017 – Fourth Week Recap

Yet another week has gone by, and with this, we’re almost done with the month of January! This has actually done very well, and unlike with my last project (Implayed, from a few years ago), I can’t say I actually feel all that burnt out from it. I think it’s probably the fact that I love having a finished product after each session that’s making me happy enough to stave off the burning out. Also, if I ever don’t feel like doing it, I can just make a simpler animation with fewer frames – so I can also be a tad lazy if I need to rest.

So this week I presented the crew of the Ginyu Force from Dragon Ball Z, a light light lighthouse, a pretty blue butterfly, a Shinto shrine, a coin that is definitely not creepy at all, a snowy Chicago skyline and a tiny Superman displaying his ability to fly. Quite a productive week, especially considering I had an exam, work, as well as plenty of non-daily pixels cranked out.




These two are avatars I made for friends on Discord, since they added the possibility to use animated avatars if you have a Nitro subscription. As you might have realized, they’re just their normal avatars, smallified and animated into gifs.



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