Pixel2017 – Spin-off


The amazing @apoonto on Twitter has made an amazing pixel art composition as part of his “pixels for followers” program featuring me. It came out of nowhere, but I was extremely pleasantly surprised – I love the way that he integrated the brain thought bubble as the Nimbus that Goku is riding. My twitter handle is Darksaiyanis (Darksaiyan was taken), and that’s from the fact that I’ve loved Dragon Ball as a kid. Turns out I still love it (and Dragon Ball Super is awesome).

Also as he says “I think that Goku is always welcome :)”.

In other news, my pixel daily progress has been slightly halted.

Since I’ve mostly been stuck in a car and a plane around Portugal in the last 3 days, I haven’t been able to keep up with my pixels. As such, I’ll endeavor to do the next daily as a quad-width composition, where I’ll integrate several different themes into one single picture. Those themes are: “Darth Vader”, “Shovel Knight”, “Ninja” and now… newly added, “Hello Kitty”.

One of those is not like the others, is it?


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