Pixel2017 – Episode 50 – Captain America

Today’s theme was “Captain America”. I’ve seen a few people animate the Cap throwing his shield, but I’ve thought it was interesting to see the camera fixed on the shield itself (without spinning the camera along with the shield, that would be puke-inducing).

Quad bonk pinball shield is the result:



Pixel2017 – Episode 49 – Toad

Yesterday I had to catch a flight. Unfortunately I’ve also caught a cold right before it. By the time I got to Portugal, I was sore all over and my nose was stuffier than a turkey on Thanksgiving.

Thankfully my friend I’m staying at here has plenty of medication, so I’ve felt well enough today to do two pixels in one day! Granted, the quality has suffered quite a bit since I’m not on my usual setup, nor did I feel like spending 3 hours on each.

Here’s the one I missed, “Toad”:


Pixel2017 – Episode 45 – Office

The theme for the day was “office”. I do work in an office, as an IT tech. I think I saw a representation of futility the way I portrayed it here in this animation – sort of a modern interpretation of a Sisyphean task. Since it’s Valentine’s day though, might as well add something more.


Pixel2017 – Episode 44 – Crusader Tank

The theme for the day was “Tank” – Making a real military tank would have been an idea, but I’m a gamer – might as well make what I know as a tank – the person with a shield who swears at enemies to taunt them into attacking them, not the squishy other members of the team.

Since Diablo is one of my favourite game series, I chose the Crusader as the tank model. There was also a constraint to use 5 colours for the piece, so I did that in addition to my usual 64×64 animation constraint.

The colour design is inspired by the work of @Plastic_Vibes. It is quite a striking art style, isn’t it? It’s as if it’s taunting you.