Pixel2017 – Episode 55 – Simpsons

The theme for the day is “Simpsons”. For all the many times Bart told people to “eat his shorts”, I don’t think I’ve ever really seen it happen. Maybe one time, but I can’t remember. Might have been a dream sequence for him.

Might as well have someone he does have control over do it.



Pixel2017 – Episode 54 – Attic

Our attic was a bit easier to get to than those American contraptions you’d see on TV (like the one in the picture below). I just had stairs that went from one room to the attic, which was a massive thing, since I lived in a really large house. It was never an interesting part of the house though – just lots of insulation, a boiler and some random knick-knacks stored there.

I can see why someone would be afraid to go there though if you had a trap door, especially when I’ve learned what a mimic was.


Pixel2017 – Episode 53 – Daily Planet

The theme for the day was “Planet”. My friend I’m staying at here in Portugal suggested I portray Pluto, and stir an internet debate, but I already thought of the Daily Planet spinning thing on top of the building Superman works in, so here it is. I’m not happy with it – the 64×64 constrain shows up much more here due to the crooked angle of the text, and animating that text going around the globe takes entirely too long for me to use my friend’s laptop. I’ll probably come back to it to touch it up eventually, but until then, here it is.


Also the globe looks more like a disco ball, but hey, live and learn. Might be that the entire globe turned in the show/films, but that would have been a hell of a lot more work that I can’t do while I’m here in Portugal.

Pixel2017 – Episode 50 – Captain America

Today’s theme was “Captain America”. I’ve seen a few people animate the Cap throwing his shield, but I’ve thought it was interesting to see the camera fixed on the shield itself (without spinning the camera along with the shield, that would be puke-inducing).

Quad bonk pinball shield is the result:


Pixel2017 – Episode 49 – Toad

Yesterday I had to catch a flight. Unfortunately I’ve also caught a cold right before it. By the time I got to Portugal, I was sore all over and my nose was stuffier than a turkey on Thanksgiving.

Thankfully my friend I’m staying at here has plenty of medication, so I’ve felt well enough today to do two pixels in one day! Granted, the quality has suffered quite a bit since I’m not on my usual setup, nor did I feel like spending 3 hours on each.

Here’s the one I missed, “Toad”: