Pixel2017 – Episode 53 – Daily Planet

The theme for the day was “Planet”. My friend I’m staying at here in Portugal suggested I portray Pluto, and stir an internet debate, but I already thought of the Daily Planet spinning thing on top of the building Superman works in, so here it is. I’m not happy with it – the 64×64 constrain shows up much more here due to the crooked angle of the text, and animating that text going around the globe takes entirely too long for me to use my friend’s laptop. I’ll probably come back to it to touch it up eventually, but until then, here it is.


Also the globe looks more like a disco ball, but hey, live and learn. Might be that the entire globe turned in the show/films, but that would have been a hell of a lot more work that I can’t do while I’m here in Portugal.


Pixel2017 – Episode 45 – Office

The theme for the day was “office”. I do work in an office, as an IT tech. I think I saw a representation of futility the way I portrayed it here in this animation – sort of a modern interpretation of a Sisyphean task. Since it’s Valentine’s day though, might as well add something more.


Pixel2017 – Sixth Week Recap

Yet another week has gone by, and it’s been a doozy, let me tell ya!

The week started with Link’s legendary Master Sword, continued with the One Ring from Lord of the Rings, was soundtracked by Freddie Mercury and his Bicycle race song, was blocked by a massive purple minotaur, was summoned and then destroyed by a fancy summoner, was spun out of control by Marrowgar from WoW, and ended on a rather high note, chasing Jack Sparrow as he realizes he’d have to chase an errant ship on salt flats.

The Bone Storm gif actually completely went out of control on social media, garnering almost 4000 upvotes on r/wow (compared to about 40 usually), 1.1k likes (compared to about 80 if I get retweeted by the Pixel_dailies account) on Twitter (alongside 360 retweets at the time of writing), as well as getting me gilded on Reddit! Fancy that. Never had anything blow up like that before… well except for the Ginyu Force animation that got up to 1800 upvotes on r/dbz.

Hopefully that won’t just be my second trick pony moment; it sure gave me a kick in the butt to keep doing these.